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15 Jun 2016
Introduction - While using Law of Attraction and Children

You will find there's little difference with all the Law of Attraction.... Is certainly not an annoying method to start this topic, or any, in truth there's a little difference between helping a child to believe in "you are capable of doing anything" and setting realistic goals. You will find there's little difference between helping a kid to stay the here and now, the real world rather than a fantasy world, nevertheless helping them to push desire to a bit past their comfort zone. Legislation of Attraction is both fantasy and reality, which is the reason Come on, man an excellent line. It is a fantasy (visualization) that you just treat as being a reality (imagining that you just have diabetes already.) It truely does work since your unconscious will not understand the contrast between fantasy and reality. Neither will a young child. This is a complexity of using the Law of Attraction.

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